Cycling Skills

Cycling Skills

Cycling Skills at Forge Valley

What: Cycling Skills sessions for Road Bikes on a 1km closed circuit
When: Wednesday 23rd May 2018 at 7pm-8pm, then every 2 weeks until 1 August 2018
Where: Forge Valley School
Cost: £5

Cycling Skills specific sessions working on:

  • Basic Bike check – bike M-Check
  • Group riding – Position, Hand signals, etiquette etc
  • Cornering – leaning, counter steering, steering
  • Pedalling technique – cadence one leg drills
  • Gear selection
  • Drinking while riding – picking things up while riding, taking a bottle and replacing it etc.
  • Transitions – Mount and dismount

Please bring your road bike (not a TT bike) and a helmet. We will be working on group cycling so British Triathlon require traditional drop bars (rather than extended aerobars) for use in group riding situations.

Please also bring a pair of trainers (if possible) in case the session involves transition skills.

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