Running Training

Running Training

Running Training – Track

Track Sessions have stopped now for Summer 2018. We will be back in the Autumn/Winter 2018.

What: Track, Run
Where: Woodbourn Road, S9 3HL
When: 7:00pm – 8:00pm Tuesdays

Cost: £4.75

Track sessions can improve your overall speed regardless of the distance you compete over. The theory is that repeated repetitions at above race pace sets will help your body adapt to the faster pace, bringing your run times down.  It really does work!

Over the first few weeks we will be doing an intro to track including track etiquette before we get in to the training season proper. Each session will contain a warm up, dynamic stretching, the main set a warm down and stretching.

You will need:

  • Your Sheff Tri membership card
  • Running shoes – your ordinary running shoes will suffice (very short spikes (its a tartan track!) are permitted if you have them)
  • Wear your ordinary running gear, according to conditions, with a jacket/top and tights/bottoms for warm up and warm down
  • A drink
  • And £4.75 to pay for use of the track, pay at reception and meet the coaches on the track

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