Swimming & Open Water

Swimming & Open Water

Swim Training

Swimming coach and team - Sheffield Triathlon ClubWhat: Graves Swim (now Saturday AND Sunday)
Where: Bochum Parkway, Sheffield, S8 8JR
When: Saturday and Sunday 5:45pm, poolside for 6pm-7pm.
Cost: £5
Equipment: Swimsuit, goggles, a drink, towel, if you have them fins, paddles and pull buoy.
Session: An hour-long swim session, with a mixture of drills and fitness training. The coach ratio is quite high, so this is a good session for developing your technique.  You need to be ready to go in the water at 6pm sharp, allow time to get there and register.

What: Ponds Forge Swim
Where: Sheaf Street, Sheffield, S1 2BP
When: Wednesday 8pm – 9pm
Cost: £5
Equipment: Swimsuit, goggles, a drink, towel
Session: We have joined with City of Sheffield Swimming Club to provide a great opportunity for our members. The coach is Dan, assisted by STC’s John Clarke.

The session is endurance based and you will need to be able to swim front crawl but a wide range of abilities are catered for. You will need to bring the below forms with you and please contact shefftriclub@gmail.com as this is a popular session with limited spaces.

For your first session you will need to complete and take along these two forms:

COSSS Registration Form
Membership Form

Open Water

Rother Valley Swimming is now finished for 2018, and will restart in (likely) May 2019.

You must be a member to attend this session for insurance purposes. This is one session that you can not try before joining.

We use the Watersports Centre as the base for swimming, which  means that there is parking near to changing rooms, and then a  short walk to the water, where we have a marked  out a course to use,  and have a couple of people on the water in canoes to help out.  You  will need to enter the park by the normal road entrance, when you get  to the main road that runs next to the lake, turn left and the car park  will be obvious on the right. Before your first session you will need to pay for parking in the park, which is £5. The club will reimburse you for this and provide you with a car parking pass, and thereafter parking will be free.

Additional information about Rother Valley swimming sessions:

This is the address: Mansfield Road, Wales Bar, Sheffield S26 5PQ.

We have access to the car park from 8:30am, but we ask that you arrive from 8am. We will start registration in the car queue at the gates, to maximise your time in the water. Please don’t be late as we must be out and clear by 10am before other activities start.

To use the facilities, people will have to join the park, we’ll also have to keep records of who comes and uses the facilities, as in addition to the joining fee there is a fee each time you use the centre. We’re also adopting best practice for contact and emergency contact details, which means more work for us.

The club is spending more money on coaching and equipment to give you a better experience. The result of this is that everyone will have to be a member (join here) of STC, and to Rother Valley (forms available at Rother Valley). Please also complete the declaration of the Open Water Swim Rules to show that you understand the health and safety procedures. These documents can be returned to the membership secretary or brought to registration when you attend for the first time.

There is an additional membership option to the form. If you aren’t already a member then you can join the club for summer swimming only at a cost of £17. The club will then pay for your membership to Rother Valley (the club will pay for this for members, however if lost, a replacement will cost £5 for a parking pass if you require one).

Swimming will cost £3, the club will pay £1.50 to Rother Valley out of this for use of  the facilities. If you don’t get a chance to print the forms off, we will keep some at registration, and cards ready to make up. You will need a passport sized photo for each, ie. 2 photos for non-members and one for existing members.

  • Print off all three forms if you can (only the registration document and H&S declaration if you’re already a member). You can also join the club online here: http://www.myclubhouse.co.uk/SheffieldTriathlonClub/
  • Bring 1 or 2 small photos
  • Bring your membership card to gain entry (you may need to pay for parking if you forget, we will have spare membership cards and the register of members in case you need a copy)

There will be plenty of people to help guide you as well, and then, enjoy your swim, have a shower, and then maybe even a coffee! Some even go for a run round the lakes! A single lap of both lakes is 5k.

Watch this space for an organised, coached run session following the swim.

Please email if you have any questions.

Additional info for those without or choosing not to use wet suits…

Rother Valley Open Swim - Sheffield Triathlon ClubDue to the added restrictions, swimming without a wetsuit is possible, but we will need to check the water temperature more often to accommodate it. The temperature must be at least 14 degrees C for us to give the option not to wear one, below that we have to enforce the use of them as a result. Rother Valley do offer wetsuits to hire for a very reasonable rate. (although please bear in mind these are sailing wetsuits, so while they will keep you warm, they are not all that suitable for swimming).

After registering in the first week thereafter when you come down you’ll need your Rother Valley card and STC card to get in without paying for parking. At registration/signing on, please have your STC card ready to hand in (only one card, as this has picture and emergency contact details) and £3, as we’ll take payment at the start. When you are completely done swimming, then you can collect your card.

Also, we need people to help every week, ideally around 6 people split into two teams to sit on the canoes, so that half the team swims whilst the other half does the safety, and then they swap over after 45 minutes. If you help out in this way you will swim for FREE.

Please let us know when you register if you are willing and able to help out: No canoeists means no swimming!

Documents to complete:

  1. Membership online (Postal Membership) or via MyClubhouse: http://www.myclubhouse.co.uk/SheffieldTriathlonClub/
  2. Rother Valley Registration – this will be available on the day
  3. Open Water Swim Rules

A note on wetsuits:

How to put one on  – Mr Smooth of Swimsmooth has some useful info in the video on this page. Click here.


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