The Hathersage Hilly Triathlon

Save the date: The Hathersage Hilly Triathlon 18 July 2021

Make 2021 your lucky racing year and entry the most scenic race the Peak District has to offer, the Hathersage Hilly. Entries go on sale this Friday 13th November 2021  at 13:13 with an extra lucky 13% discount for 3 days only! 

Event details

Our novice friendly event takes place in the village of Hathersage, in the heart of the beautiful Peak District National Park, and is easily reached from Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham. It’s an interesting and historic village, with links to Robin Hood and the Eyre family and a popular centre for walkers and rock-climbers. Why not hunt out the grave of Little John whilst you are here??  Over the years, this event has introduced many novices to the challenges and rewards of triathlon, and we intend to maintain that tradition this year.

The race is held under the Competition Rules of the British Triathlon Federation, which can be found here.


The 420 metre swim takes place in a heated, open-air pool with 4 wide lanes making it enjoyable for swimmers of all abilities. There’s also plenty of room poolside for your supporters, and a cafe to keep them fed and watered. Swimmers are ranked by estimated swim time, so you’ll be swimming with people of a similar speed. You’ll be given a brightly coloured, silicone swim cap to wear (and keep) that will be perfect for your first open water swimming session….., because we know you’re going to be hooked by the sport!

Hathersage Hilly Swim

Set off every 2 minutes to minimise lane congestion, we have plenty of swimmers every year who do this event head-up breaststroke. When you’ve counted your own 14 lengths, it’s out of the pool and round the carpeted floor into….

Transition 1

Next door to the pool is Hathersage Parish Council’s MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) with a cushioned surface, where you will have racked your bike in it’s numbered slot before the race.  Drop your hat and googles, don a shirt with your race numbers pinned on, if you aren’t wearing a tri-suit and tri-belt, shoes on, helmet on and clipped up before you touch that bike, and wheel it out onto the road, jumping on after the mount line…..

BikeSheffield Triathlon Club Road Cycle

After the swim it’s on to the 20K bike and, with a name like the Hathersage Hilly, you know it won’t be flat! However, the hills are not so long or steep, Froggat being the ‘best’, and you’ll be rewarded with some stunning views of the Derbyshire countryside, including the famous ‘Surprise View’ which starts a long downhill back into Hathersage.

There are marshalls at key turns, and plenty of signage, so it’s really difficult to go the wrong way. You are expected to follow the Highway Code, and our Motorbike official will be circulating to check competitors aren’t drafting.

All the turns are left-hand, except one, a right-hander as you come down the hill into Grindleford – where we have a compulsory foot down and stop, to comply with the Highway Code and make sure you’re safe! The bike finishes on the flat just after David Mellor’s famous and award winning Cutlery Factory and Design Museum, with a dismount before the line marked on the road……..

Bike Route on Strava

Check out our Bike route videos: first at about 30 mph (28 minutes), second – time lapse (7 minutes).

Transition 2

Run your bike onto the grass of Hathersage F.C.’s pitch, and rack your bike in it’s numbered slot.  Then helmet off, change into trainers if you’ve been wearing cycling shoes and twizzle your tribelt round so your number is on the front.

Lots of our novice competitors wear the same trainers for the bike and run, and have numbers pinned to front and back of a t-shirt, there’s no need to go splashing out for your first triathlon – we’ve seen mountain bikes, sit up and beg bikes, and even a wicker basket on the front. (Where else would you keep your cucumber sandwiches?)

You can grab a cup of water or sports drink from the table if you need, and it’s out of T2 onto the final leg…..the

RunSheffield Triathlon Club Run

The 6Km run is almost entirely through woodland and open countryside with off road running shoes being an option if it’s wet. Again, the run has a few hills but don’t worry too much – there’s a long, fast downhill through the ferns to the finish line!

Run Route on Strava

Check out our Run route time lapse video – approximately 10 minutes.

With your race over, there is a café at the swimming pool for hot drinks and snacks, and Hathersage village has plenty of tea shops, pubs, and outdoor pursuit shops to keep you busy.

Spectator Zone

Our MC for the day, and experienced triathlete, Sarah Harrison, will be on hand to keep you up-to-date with the event.


Will be available in the StuWeb tent in T2 immediately your race has finished.

Event Video

Many thanks go out to Ryan Jenkinson for filming this video in 2017 for us – we think it perfectly sums up the fun had on the day, and gives you a great idea of what to expect!

Previous Year’s Results

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