Summer Race Series – Duathlons and Aquathlons

Fairholmes Duathlon 2019 Dates:

Hathersage Aquathlon 2019 Dates:

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Fairholmes Duathlons (Run, Bike, Run) and Hathersage Aquathlons (Swim, Run)
The minimum participation age is 15.

These ‘races’ are intended to supplement your training with race simulations to enable the practice of transitions and to raise the intensity of training for short workouts.

They are great for those new to the sport who would like to try out one discipline after another in a friendly club environment.

We offer series prizes to members, that are presented at our annual awards presentation. To qualify for series prizes you must complete 3 of the duathlons or 2 of the aquathlons & be a current STC member.

This year we will be offering a prize of free 2019 membership to volunteers in the series. If you volunteer at a minimum of one of the events, you will be entered in to a draw, with the winner chosen at the AGM in Autumn.

Guests can take part in the races, but are not eligible for the series. There is an additional fee of £2 for guests for each race to cover insurance.

If you do wish to enter the whole series, it is a mandatory requirement that you are a full club member. This ensures that liabilities are satisfactorily covered etc.

This year we are offering a special price for club members who would like to do all the races in the series – for £15 you can do all the aquathlons and duathlons.

Hathersage Aquathlons

Swim, Runs 420m pool swim / 6km run (part off road).

Registration from 6:30pm and racing starts at 7pm.

The price for individual races is £5 for members and £7 for non members.

Series Rules

There will be series prizes awarded for the Hathersage Aquathlons at our end of season awards night.

  1. Non-members can enter the races, but only paid up STC members are eligible to compete in the series.
  2. You must attend at least 3 of the 4 Hathersage Aquathlon races to qualify for the series
  3. Of these 3, you must race at least 2 and the third can either be a race or volunteer credit
  4. Your fastest individual time (from any race) will count for your placing

By volunteering you can also be entered into our draw at the AGM for free STC membership next calendar year.

Event Details

Swim: 14 lengths of the 30m Hathersage Pool = 420m

Run: 6km. Run out from Hathersage Pool and left at the entrance, then left at the main road. Head under the bridge and past the football pitch. Take a left up the path, over a cattle grid and keep right through the gate onto the field. Head across the field, through the gate and up through the trees following the trail to the left. At the top, bear left through another gate then head towards the gravel road. Take a left onto this minor road and continue until the gate junction with the main road, when you take a left and it’s downhill on the pavement into Hathersage. Take the left turn off the main road towards Hathersage Pool and sprint for the line. The route will be marked along the way.


Check out our YouTube video of the Run route:

Results from 2018:

Results from 2017:


Results from 2016:

Race 1: Tuesday 31/05/16  – Hathersage Aquathon 2016
Race 2: Tuesday 14/06/16 – Hathersage Aquathon 2016
Race 3: Tuesday 05/07/16 – Hathersage Aquathon 2016

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Fairholmes Duathlons

Racing starts at 7pm with registration from 6.30pm in the Fairholmes Car Park

2.1km run / 15km bike / 2.1km run

Run Course (out-and-back) – same for each Run

Check out our YouTube video of the Run route:

Bike Course (out-and-back)

Check out our YouTube video of the Bike route:

The price for individual races is £3 for members and £5 for non members.

The results from 2018:

The results from 2017:

Fairholmes-2017 final

The results for 2016:

Race 1: Thursday 07/04/16 – Fairholmes 2016
Race 2: Thursday 21/04/16 – Fairholmes 2016
Race 3: Thursday 05/05/16 – Fairholmes 2016
Race 4: Thursday 19/05/16 – Fairholmes 2016

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