Kit Order Windows 2018

Provisional Bioracer Run/Bike/Tri Kit Windows

  • Window 1: 22 January 2018 to 03 February 2018 (projected delivery April 2018)
  • Think of Tri kit for early season races and plan ahead for the season. Run- vests will be needed for the SY road race league. They look good for any run event you do. It may still be chilly at times so long sleeve tops could be considered. Bike- Short and long sleeve tops available and there are some arm and leg warmers in stock.
  • Window 2: 23 April 2018 to 07 May 2018 (projected delivery July 2018)
  • Mid season and time to think about what you forgot earlier. Is any kit fall apart that needs replacing? Run- if you didn’t get a vest before now is the time to get one for x country.
  • Window 3: 23 July 2018 to 06 August 2018 (projected delivery Sept/Oct 2018)
  • Getting towards end of season but ‘winter is coming’. Bike- think of winter kit and check out the tempest gear with reflective pixels for riding in the darker nights. Run- long and short sleeve tops available, gillets and long bottoms perhaps?
  • Window 4: 24 September 2018 to 08 October 2018 (projected delivery Dec 2018)
  • Delivery should be just before Xmas so might be a time to throw out some subtle hints for pressies. Don’t forget to plan ahead if you are thinking of racing early in the 2019 season. Also a good time to check if you warm enough when out and look at getting that winter kit you forgot.

Provisional Leisurewear (inc. Junior T-Shirts) Windows

  • Window 1: 26 February 2018 to 08 March 2018 (projected delivery March/April 2018)
  • Window 2: 25 June 2018 to 09 July 2018 (projected delivery July/August 2018)
  • Window 3: 29 October 2018 to 12 November 2018 (projected delivery Nov/Dec 2018)