The Committee

Committee Members 2018-2019

Chair: Jim Lafferty
Secretary: [Vacant] [acting Jim Lafferty]
Treasurer: Paul Winwood
Head Coach: Bob Pringle
Race Organiser: Anastasija Turner, Chris Turner
Kit Officer: Matt Reed
Social Media Officer: [Vacant]
Membership Secretary: Pete Osborne
Social Secretary: Nicola Heaton
Website and Communications Officer: Addam Darnell
Junior Co-ordinator: Carl Egdell
Welfare Officer: Donna Tilbrook

Committee Job Descriptions

The Committee will meet a minimum of 10 times a year and will decide all business of the club unless a decision is required from all members.

All Committee members have the right to comment on and vote on all business. Decisions may also be taken between meetings when timing is important. These topics will be agreed by the Committee and the chair will set out timescales and parameters for comment/decision using, for example, email.

STC Committee positions comprise:

  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Head Coach
  • Race Organiser
  • Kit Officer
  • Social Media Officer
  • Membership Secretary
  • Social Secretary
  • Website and Communications Officer
  • Junior Co-ordinator

General Duties
All Committee members are required to attend meetings regularly and, with other members of the Committee, to be responsible for arranging and delivering the functions of the club.

Specific Functions

Chair: to organise and chair Committee meetings and the AGM; to be a contact and spokesperson for the club; to ensure that the functions of the club are delivered and that the officers of the Committee carry out their duties.

Secretary: to notify the times and dates of all meetings to those required to attend; to prepare the agendas for Committee meetings and for the AGM or any EGMs; to ensure proceedings and decisions are recorded and distributed prior to the following meeting.

Treasurer: to be responsible for all financial matters of the club including making and accepting payments, keeping records of all transactions, managing any surpluses and deficits; producing balance sheets for each Committee meeting and advising on actions to be taken.

Head coach: to ensure that all training organised by the club is carried out to guidelines provided by the BTF; to act as mentor and guide to all other club coaches; to organise teams to represent the club throughout the year; to ensure that coaches adhere to the agreed fee collection process;

Race Organiser: to organise all club competitions and races.

Kit officer: to source suppliers of club kit to ensure value for money; to manage the club’s stock of kit so that members have access to appropriate items during the year; to advise the Committee on new designs and items as the need arises.

Social Media Officer: to publicise the activities of the club externally via social media channels; to encourage new members; to produce social media content for the club and its activities and achievements.

Membership secretary: to receive applications for membership and keep a record of all members; to accept and record all payments for membership through the best system for the STC each year.

Social secretary: to arrange regular social activities for club members and in particular the annual awards dinner.

Website and communications officer: as appropriate to commission the design and maintenance of the club’s website; to disseminate news of events, activities, social gatherings and upcoming activities to all members; to produce more detailed newsletters for the club.

Junior co-ordinator: to encourage young people to participate in the sport; to organise the coaching and activities for juniors; to communicate with parents about sessions and events.

Hathersage Hilly: the club’s annual event will be organised by a steering group formed of Committee members with experience of organising events and/or the skills required for particular aspects each year.

Absence of Chair: the Chair can appoint another committee member to stand in his/her place on a meeting by meeting basis in the event of the chair’s absence.

As the needs of the club dictate in year, from time to time the Committee may decide to create a new position to meet additional demands on the club or the Committee without the need for an AGM or EGM. The description of any new post will be provided to all members.