Transition Talk

In our ‘STC Transition Talk’ series we sit down with one of our members to find out more about them, how they got involved in triathlon and what they’ve got lined up for the year to come.

Bing Jones

In the first edition we sat down with Bing Jones, 65. He has lived in Sheffield for 40 years and is the proud owner of an old person’s bus pass. He has given up some time to answer some questions for STC.

Transition Talk – Bing Jones 23-Jan-2018

Hannah Peel

We were lucky to have an opportunity to talk to one of our new members, Hannah Peel. Not to be confused with one of our other members, Hannah Peel, her dear friend and namesake. Hannah “Not That Hannah Peel” Peel, 35, was born in Sheffield and returned to her first love after moving away for a few years.

Transition Talk – Hannah Peel 13-Feb-2018