Chip Butty Ride 2017

The Annual Chip Butty Ride was held on Sunday 17 December 2017, and despite some wet and foggy conditions it looks like a great time was had by all. I can’t comment after I spent the morning hiding from the rain at the Cross Country. Results and photos have been included below.

5 Mile Handicapped Fancy Dress Time Trial:

  1. Elliot Smales
  2. Alistair Wood
  3. Russell Atkinson

Downhill Freewheel Competition:

  1. Russell Atkinson
  2. Alistair Wood
  3. Phil Smales

Fancy Dress Competition Winner: Phil Smales & Elliot Smales (joint winners)

Fancy Dress Competition Runner-Up: Nancy Skinner

Check out some of the excellent photos below. Photo credits: Charlotte Jenkinson, Nancy Skinner and Paula Edwards.


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