Club Championship 2018: Pool Sprint

Southwell Triathlon 2018

The first of the 2018 Club Championship races kicked off at Southwell Triathlon on Sunday 15 April 2018. Congratulations to our new Club Champions Pete Goodfellow and Hannah K Peel. Woo! Officially race season has started, and great work to all those who took part and/or cheered from the sidelines.

Congratulations to Hannah K Peel and Rob Pearson who won their age group, and Hannah K Peel won the overall female title.


Race Report

Please help us out by submitting your race reports to throughout the season, we’d love to share them on the website – otherwise you will have to read my reports all the time, and no one wants that.

Before even starting the race, the first main challenge of the day was to get from transition to the pool side via the weather affected transition entry zone. Having decided that barefoot and tiptoe was the way forward, I spent a good 5 minutes in a portaloo clearing mud from my feet before washing the remains in the changing room showers. Maybe going sockless for the race would backfire after all.

At about 11:40am I was called forward to receive my white swim cap and lane allocation. At 11:41 ish I was given the go ahead to enter the pool. I hopped in to see two others in my lane, swimming side by side heading towards me. Err… right. So do I go clockwise? Anti-clockwise? Hide? 10 seconds to go. A gap emerged as the faster swimmer was overtaking and … ‘GO’. Except I waited for him to turn and got a nice draft assist for 8 lengths, then a further 8 of realising I’d not done enough swimming recently.

Out of the pool and I had to take my swim cap off to dump in the poolside bucket, then put my goggles back on so I could actually see the way out of the door. Thankfully my route through transition avoided the boggy patches, and I arrived at my bike to swap goggles for glasses (always useful), put on bike helmet, number belt and bike shoes (no socks) and wheel my bike to the mount line. I think Hannah F Peel cheered as I crossed the mount line, who was probably was really impressed with the flying mount and speed at which the guy in front of me got away. Not me though. I barely remembered how to clip in.

I like the Bike course at Southwell – the first 4km or so has some punchy climbs and swooping corners before it flattens out to the roundabout at the turnaround. I waved a cheery hello to Carl, Stuart and Hannah who had started before me and were heading in the opposite direction. Aside from that, the route out was quite lonely and I could see no one in front of me to chase. At the roundabout I had a quick stop but was back on my way almost immediately for the return leg. A quick glance had me on track to match my 2017 bike time, so I pushed on. There are always more climbs on the way back than I remember, but I rolled down the hill into transition about 90 seconds down on last year. Still, happy enough with that.

After racking my bike, getting rid of helmet and swapping bike shoes for running ones (still no socks), I then pressed ‘End Ride’ then ‘Save Ride’ on my bike Garmin, scrolled past Open Water then Triathlon to get to the run setting of my watch before even setting off. I’m pretty sure that’s the way they do it in the ITU races.

I ran out of transition along the grassy field to find my legs weren’t really working. Over the tannoy I heard ‘Congratulations to Hannah Katy Peel, from Sheffield Triathlon Club in 54:[something]’ Woo! Go Hannah. Wait. 54 minutes? 1. Hopefully she’s won, that’s an awesome time. 2. If I want under an hour (my pre-race target), she started 12 minutes before me so I need to run this in err… 18 minutes? I know it’s a short run, but that will need to be very short. Plus if it was closer to 55 minutes for Hannah then I’ve got even less time. [I basically spent longer than any Engineer should trying to calculate my potential finishing times, nevermind the fact that Hannah actually started 14 minutes ahead of me not 12]. My legs continued not to want to run for about half way, by which time my ankle timing chip was starting to rub my sockless foot. At the lap turnaround I found some better form, and loved the second lap. Steaming down the hill for the final time, waving my lap band in front of the volunteers (to show them I can finish) I ran the finish chute and crossed the line. That will be tight.

It was. I finished in 59:35 and I was more than happy with that. A great day out with Sheffield Triathlon Club cheering and racing, we stayed around for the awards ceremony to cheer Rob and Hannah picking up their prizes.

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Coming Up Next…

The next of the Club Championship races is Ripon Standard Distance Triathlon on Saturday 30th June 2018, swiftly followed by the Ripon Sprint Distance Triathlon on Sunday 1st July 2018. Check out for more details.

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