Junior Policies and Protocols

We take Child Protection issues seriously.

We do DBS (formerly CRB) checks on our paid coaches and volunteers who have contact with our junior members, every 3 years.

There are responsibilities and expectations of the behaviour of our junior members, and of their parents:
Our Code of Conduct for Parents and Junior Members can be found here. There is also a Code of Conduct relating to Parents & Spectators that can be found here.
We expect our parents and junior members to follow our guidelines on the use of Social Media, which can be found here.
We have a consent form for parents to complete when they have decided whether to allow the club to use photographic images of their child on the club website, social media and in promotional materials.  This form also records where that consent has been declined, and can be found here.
Our photographic policy for junior members can be found here.

Finally, to help with the transition from the Junior to Senior section a document has been compiled that hopefully answers your questions and can be found here.

Our Welfare Officer is Liz Parkes, BTF Level 2  Coach.

Updated 4th December 2019
Next Review Date 4th December 2020