Presentation Evening


Another great evening at Baldwins, celebrating the success of club members this year. It’s always one of the social highlights of the year, with a chance to wear something not made from lycra and have a dance with your club mates!

The winners of the awards on the night were:

Westfield Aquathlons

  1. Hannah Peel
  2. Sarah Harrison
  3. Kay Guccione


  1. Andy Hogben
  2. Zack Mayer
  3. Daniel Stephenson

Age Groups: 30-39 – Hannah Peel. 40-49 – Sarah Harrison and Daniel Stephenson

Fairholmes Duathlons

  1. Nicky Combs
  2. Nicola Heaton
  3. Harriet Eisner


  1. Simon Bennett
  2. Rob Partington
  3. Glen Mailer

Hathersage Aquathlons

  1. Ellen Patton
  2. Caz Kay
  3. Kirsty Bryan-Jones


  1. Chris Joyce
  2. Simon Bennett
  3. Adam Jeays

Age Groups: 30-39: Caz Kay, Chris Joyce. 40-49: Kirsty Bryan-Jones, Simon Bennett. 50-59: Harriet Eisner, Stuart Harrod.

Pool Sprint Club Championships – Southwell Triathlon

  1. Hannah Peel
  2. Sarah Harrison
  3. Charlotte Jenkinson


  1. Pete Goodfellow
  2. Tony Ditchburn
  3. Addam Darnell

Age Groups: 30-39: Hannah Peel, Addam Darnell. 40-49: Sarah Harrison, Pete Goodfellow. 50-59: Stuart Harrod.

Open Water Sprint Club Championships – Leeds Triathlon

Club Champion: John Hewson.

Standard Club Championships – Rother Valley Triathlon

  1. Hannah Peel
  2. Margo Duncan
  3. Zoe Burton

  1. Pete Goodfellow
  2. Ben Anderson
  3. Daniel Stepheson

Age groups: 30-39: Hannah Peel, Glen Mailer. 40-49: Margo Duncan, Pete Goodfellow. 50-59: Nancy Skinner, Stuart Harrod. 60+ Sylvia Yates.


Sprint Team Award: Rother Valley

Standard Team Award: Rother Valley

Middle Club Championships – Sundowner Triathlon

  1. Hannah Peel
  2. Caz Kay


  1. Rob Partington
  2. Simon Bennett
  3. Paul Winwood

Age groups: 30-39: Hannah Peel, Paul Winwood. 40-49: Simon Bennett. 50-59: Rob Partington.

The 3 special awards of the evening went to:

Outstanding Achievement Award – Nicola Heaton The journey over the last few years, always with a big smile, culminating in a fantastic time at the Outlaw Long Distance this year.

The Ron Shepherd Award – Charlotte Jenkinson, Jon Staniforth & Ady Dench This award goes to 3 people this year, probably the most vocal communicators in the club who try and keep you informed of everything that’s going on throughout the year.

The Wooden Spoon – Jim Lafferty Turning up the day before the Outlaw to check in at his hotel, to be met with the reply – no room at the inn Jim, computer says no. Jim had booked the wrong weekend! Jim slept at home that night and got up even earlier than normal for these stupidly early starts!

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