Sheffield Half / Manchester Full Marathon 2018

Sheffield Half Marathon

A fantastic turnout of STC members ran the 2018 edition of the Sheffield Half Marathon in great running conditions this morning. Looking for a handy table as to how your club mates ran? Well look now further as we have tabulated the Chip Time results below. Congratulations to everyone who took part, and those stood on the side-lines cheering today, it was greatly appreciated. I had a fun duel with Glen Mailer as we traded places on the uphill and downhill sections. I was probably the only one left in that race that wanted even more of an uphill finish than it was, but sadly it wasn’t to be.

  • Liam Walker – 01:13:26 (6th Overall)
  • Carl Egdell – 01:19:41 (2nd in AG)
  • Allan Little – 01:29:58
  • Hannah K Peel – 01:32:22 (3rd in AG)
  • Pete Osborne – 01:33:36
  • Rob Partington – 01:34:00
  • Caz Kay – 01:34:55
  • Glen Mailer – 01:36:05
  • Addam Darnell – 01:36:08
  • Adam Newell – 01:38:39
  • Jose Garcia – 01:42:35
  • Matt Shorrock – 01:42:52
  • Luke Howdle – 01:46:14
  • Roger Walters – 01:48:21
  • Yvonne Twelvetree – 01:49:03 (1st in AG)
  • Chris Ellis – 01:49:25
  • Helen Young – 01:54:43
  • Mike Bridges – 01:55:25
  • Hannah F Peel – 01:55:36
  • Emma Williams – 02:01:08
  • Dan Janes – 02:04:02

Well done also to Pete Goodfellow who ran with the 1 hour 30 minute pacer during the event.

Thanks to Harriet Eisner and Stuart Harrod for the photos below.

Manchester Marathon

Not to be outdone, a few of our members were across in Manchester this morning for the Marathon, with some awesome results from:

  • Ed Guccione – 03:31:51
  • Kay Guccione – 04:01:16

Don’t see your name on the list? Hopefully we’ve got everyone but a check was made against the paid up members for 2018. Let us know if you’ve been missed off. Completed another race or got a race report you’d like to share? Let us know via the contact pages or on Facebook. We love to have your race reports/photos up on the website to celebrate your achievements.

Polite Reminder: Please ensure you are a paid up member of Sheffield Triathlon Club to race under the club name.

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