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About the Sheffield Triathlon Club Members and Coaches

Sheffield Triathlon Club (STC) is one of the oldest and most established clubs in the country. STC was formed in 1986 by some of the country’s earliest triathlon pioneers, and we have over 30 years experience of promoting and encouraging people to participate in triathlons and other multi-sport events.

Our 150-strong membership enjoys access to races, training events, and social events throughout the year. We have a well-deserved reputation as being one of the friendliest clubs around, and our membership spans all age groups and abilities with the youngest being just 5 years old and the oldest being over 70. We have a similarly wide range of experience and ability, from those attracted to the sport to keep fit, to those who go on to achieve elite status within the sport. Every year, a small but significant number of our members qualify to represent GB in European and World Age-Group Championships.


Sheffield Triathlon Club TrainingThe club holds regular training sessions in all three disciplines, and we make a considerable effort to provide training for all abilities. Whether you’re new to the sport, or whether you’re an experienced athlete, there will be training sessions that are right for you. If you wish to discuss anything about the club, or get advice about your training, just get in touch with one of us via the club contact page.

In addition to the regular training sessions, the club organises a series of informal races throughout the year, starting with swim/run biathlons in the winter months, run/bike/run duathlons in the spring, and a number of short swim/run biathlons based around the outdoor pool in Hathersage in the summer months. Hathersage is also the venue for our major open event, the Hathersage Hilly Triathlon.

Sheffield has some of the best training facilities in the country; Ponds Forge International Swimming Pool is just one example. On our doorstep we also have Rother Valley Country Park and the Peak District National Park. We make good use of these and other facilities to provide a selection of races and training events that challenge novices and experienced athletes alike.

Our Philosophy

Farrows Triathlon RunWe share the British Triathlon Federation’s philosophy of athlete development which is

“to provide a fun and safe environment in which children, young people and adults can enjoy their first triathlon training or racing experience, gain success and be motivated to continue participating”.

We’ve been doing this with great success for years.

It’s not all work and no play however; the club organises regular social events, dinners and presentation evenings throughout the year. We know how to throw a really good party!

Joining couldn’t be easier. Please click here to go to our membership website where your details can be entered online and membership processed from your computer in less than five minutes.

Training Coaches

Meet our very friendly team of trainers and professionals
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    Bob Pringle

    BTF Level 3 coach

    About Bob Pringle

    Bob Pringle - Sheffield Triathlon Club Recently retired from a career in University Lecturing, he brings extensive knowledge of exercise physiology to his triathlon coaching. Bob has had two periods as Head Coach of Sheffield Triathlon Club.   My triathlon initiation was the Mansfield Sprint of 1985 where, on crossing the finish line, every competitor was given a bottle of wine. I drank mine with a celebratory curry that night and I’ve never looked back! [···]
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    Other Coaches

    About Other Coaches

    Our other coaches include: Matt Reed, Natalie Neville, Craig Haslingden, James Winter and Richard Powell. Nicola Heaton and Paula Edwards are British Cycling Ride Leaders and lead non-coached Group Rides.  

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We are affiliated to Triathlon England, England Athletics and Cycling Time Trials. We have achieved TriMark Bronze status and promote GoTri to encourage new entrants into triathlon. We encourage triathletes to become members of Triathlon England, which provides individual insurance cover for your training and competitions.  You can join Triathlon England here.