The Committee

Committee Members 2022-2023

Chair: Jim Lafferty
Secretary: Glen Mailer
Treasurer: Sarah Guest
Welfare Officer: Sally Smith
Head Coach: Bob Pringle
Event Organiser: currently vacant
Membership Secretary: Pete Osborne
Junior Co-ordinator and Covid-19 Officer: Cerys Thomas
Kit Officer: Hannah Peel
Social Secretary: Kate Morris
Website Officer: Joel Toombs
Social Media: Martin Cotton


Please use to contact any of the committee.


Committee Job Descriptions

The Committee will meet a minimum of 10 times a year and will decide all business of the club unless a decision is required from all members.

All Committee members are required to attend meetings regularly and, with other members of the Committee, to be responsible for arranging and delivering the functions of the club.

All Committee members have the right to comment on and vote on all business. Decisions may also be taken between meetings when timing is important. These topics will be agreed by the Committee and the chair will set out timescales and parameters for comment/decision using, for example, email.

As the needs of the club dictate in year, from time to time the Committee may decide to create a new position to meet additional demands on the club or the Committee without the need for an AGM or EGM. The description of any new post will be provided to all members.

The Chair can appoint another committee member to stand in his/her place on a meeting by meeting basis in the event of the chair’s absence.

Specific Functions

To ensure an efficient and well managed club and committee.
Role & Responsibilities

To arrange club meetings, club AGM, take minutes and be responsible for administrative tasks.
Role & Responsibilities

To produce and manage the club’s accounts and finances and be responsible for all income and expenditure for the club.
Role & Responsibilities

Welfare Officer
To implement good practice, safeguarding and child protection policies.
Role & Responsibilities

Head Coach
To Implement and support a safe and effective training programme that assists the Club’s coaches and triathletes. Help to develop and deliver the vision for your club and coaching team.
Role & Responsibilities

Event Organiser
To arrange and oversee club events, including Westfield Aquathlons, Fairholmes Duathlons and Hathersage Aquathlons.
Role & Responsibilities

Membership Secretary
To administer club memberships
Role & Responsibilities

Junior Co-ordinator
Organise and manage the junior section of the club.
Role & Responsibilities

Kit Officer
To ensure the availability of club kit to members
Role & Responsibilities

Communications Officer
To coordinate the dissemination of important news to club members on a regular basis and to promote club rapport and inclusion through other communications.
Role & Responsibilities

Website Officer
To maintain the club website and liaise with BTF on ClubSpark.
Role & Responsibilities 

Social Secretary
To organise social events for club members.
Role & Responsibilities