Strength and Conditioning Update

On Thursday 24 May 2018, Dave Hembrough of Sheffield Hallam University held a Strength and Conditioning taster session for Sheffield Triathlon Club members. On the day, there were 9 of us who took part but I know there was interest from a wider group of members to attend a regular Strength and Conditioning session.

On behalf of Sheffield Triathlon Club, we wish to thank Dave and Alex for their time on Thursday, it was very informative. Following a warm up, we were given a series of squat, hinge and upright row progressions to work through, followed with some rowing, plank and leg press exercises. The following update was provided by Dave Hembrough after the event:

As mentioned we are running an open day next Thursday (31st) which will start at 6pm. It will consist of some mini lectures and a tour of our sport science labs. The link is below if you want to sign up. Please also invite your friends and share the details on social media.

We will be running a weekly ‘Endurance S&C Cluster’ training group form the middle of June. These will be 10 week blocks consisting of a weekly session which will be coached by Alex. It will include semi individualised programmes and regular reviews an feedback. We charge £80 per 10 week block but will give you an offer to the first block at £60. I will send info out early next month.

Once again, thanks for coming. We hope you enjoyed spending time with us and we look forward to seeing you in the future.


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