Bob Pringle

Bob Pringle
BTF Level 3 coach
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Bob Pringle - Sheffield Triathlon Club

Recently retired from a career in University Lecturing, he brings extensive knowledge of exercise physiology to his triathlon coaching. Bob has had two periods as Head Coach of Sheffield Triathlon Club.


My triathlon initiation was the Mansfield Sprint of 1985 where, on crossing the finish line, every competitor was given a bottle of wine. I drank mine with a celebratory curry that night and I’ve never looked back!

I started to coach the club in the early 90’s, with weekly running sessions on the service roads of a local hospital. In 1997 I decided to ‘legitimise’ these activities by acquiring proper coaching qualifications. I’m currently a BTF Level 3 coach and really enjoy coaching in all disciplines. As a Coach Educator and Assessor, I’ve worked with British Triathlon for the last 15 years helping to swell the ranks of accredited coaches across the UK.

Despite 25 years in the sport, and whatever they might say about old dogs, I’m still learning new tricks and I’ve never lost my early enthusiasm for triathlon. I’ve raced all distances from sprint to Ironman.