Karen Weir

Karen Weir
BTF Level 3 Coach
Get in Touch:
Karen WeirI am a BTF Level 3 coach and tutor as well as a UK Athletics coach, PT and nutrition coach. After being made redundant from a city career as a management consultant, I retrained as a PT, spent some time learning my trade and then evolved into a full time endurance coach, starting my own coaching business – Run with Karen in 2011.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with 100s of athletes and triathletes helping them achieve their goals whilst staying healthy and managing busy lives. I myself have competed in triathlon over every distance including Ironman but am currently more focused on trail and ultra running whilst being an avid CrossFitter too.
Having now got involved in STC, I’m beginning to feel the multi-sport bug coming back.
On a Saturday at 9am you can find me at any one of the local parkruns as I am also an Ambassador, looking after the Sheffield and Bakewell parkruns.
Regards and Happy Running