Liz Parkes

Liz Parkes
BTF Level 2 Coach
Liz is one of the Open Water swimming coaches at YOS (Yorkshire Outdoor Swimmers) based at Harthill Reservoir, just outside Sheffield.
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liz parkesMy journey in sport started in 1992 in Rowing which, over 10 years, saw me compete in every type of boat and position in the crew, including cox and on to coach. I loved the team atmosphere and training, sometimes 6 days a week. I met triathletes along the way that used rowing as cross training and I used to wonder why on earth they would want to swim in the rivers I tried so hard not to fall into!

How fate can land sometimes! When I moved to Sheffield in 2009 after falling (sometimes quite literally) into climbing and adventure racing I wanted to find that team training atmosphere again and discovered a very welcoming triathlon club in Racing TNT. While I loved competing, I fell in love with the idea of helping other adults into sport and took my BTF Level 2 in 2013.

Looking to retrain from Graphic Design in 2014, I started to volunteer with the Triathlon Trust, who I still work with today, and was shocked by how many children couldn’t swim so I retrained as a Baby and Pre-school teacher and have been plugging the qualification and experience gap between that and coaching triathlon ever since (my husband says I’m obsessed with courses and he may have a point). Having seen Racing TNT run it’s course as a triathlon club, that helped many people into the sport, I wished it well on its new journey as Cycle TNT and was welcomed into the fantastic Sheffield Triathlon Club team, where I want to help continue to make the sport accessible to as many people as we can.

Look forward to welcoming you to the pool or lakeside soon,