Volunteers for Hathersage Hilly 2018

We are looking for volunteers to help out at the Hathersage Hilly 2018.

Set up at the venue will be on Saturday 21st July 2018 – from 1200.

We need to set up two transition areas, mark the bike and run routes and populate the registration desk. We will be meeting at 1200 and probably wrapping up at 1830, if everything is done.

On Sunday the event opens at 0730 so we would like volunteers from 0530 to be on the registration desk, and then the bulk of volunteers from 0700 until the route shuts at approx 1300.

The transition areas and poolside will need breaking down again- usually a fair bit quicker!!  When it’s all packed away we will be heading back to Sheffield for a curry.

The event profits keep your membership & training costs down, so we would be very grateful if club members (and anyone else you can persuade/strongarm) could give us some time on one or both days.

If you can help out please email and tell us your availability.


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