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The junior club was has been continuing to grow over the last few years – we now have around 60  junior members.

Juniors interested in the club are welcome to try out a session before joining. Please contact our Junior Co-ordinator at for more details.

Please see the Events page and calendar for a schedule of junior events.

The club offers a full programme of junior run, swim and bike sessions with a dedicated junior coaching team.

Our regular Saturday swim training session is held at the Westfield Sports Centre, Eckington Road, Sheffield, S20 1HQ from 2.30pm to 4.30pm.

We also offer cycling and running sessions at Forge Valley Cycle Track, Wood Lane, Stannington. These sessions are ideal for those wanting to improve their endurance and stamina on the bike and to have the opportunity to race! More suitable for road bikes.


 Q: Who can join Sheffield Triathlon Club as a Junior Member?

A: Junior Membership is available to anyone under the age of 19 - we don’t have a hard-and-fast limit on a minimum age, our youngest member to date has been 5 years old. Our criteria for young members is largely based around a minimum of being able to do an uninterrupted front crawl for 100m - but also to be able to take direction from the coaches during the sessions.


Q: How do I know I’m suited to become a member?

A: We follow a ‘try-before-you-buy’ concept, come along to one of our sessions and introduce yourself - pay each week for the sessions and, if you find them as useful, as we hope will do, become a member. Probably best to come along 10 minutes early for one of the sessions and have a quick chat with one of the coaches - they will be able to have a quick conversation with you and sort out whether you’re be comfortable doing a session.


Q: Where are the sessions and when?

A: See 


Q: Are the sessions coached?

A: Yes, our sessions are coached, Juniors are given tasks, encouragement and hints and tips on techniques and race skills. However, as stated above, the Open Water sessions at Rother Valley are not coached – though there are Adult members and coaches present and a support team to assist any member (this is compulsory).


Q: What Equipment do I need?

A: Triathlon is a very accessible sport, most kids will have the majority of what they’ll need already - of course, better kit can come along later, but here's a quick run down of what you will need…

For Cycling:

  • Bike (the Forge Valley track favours road-bikes, but whatever bike they are comfortable with is fine).

  • Helmet (strict rule, no helmet - no ride). 

  • Suitable clothing for weather conditions.

  • A drink (doesn’t have to fit on the bike, they are given chance to grab a drink between tasks). For Running:

  • Running shoes/trainers (spare pair is useful for post session, they can get quite muddy).

  • Suitable clothing for weather conditions.

  • A drink. For Swimming:

  • Whatever they would normally swim in.

  • A drink can be taken poolside, but in a proper drinks bottle please (no screw lids or open bottles - also no glass obviously).

On the RUN+SWIM weeks, its advisable to bring along indoor running kit as a backup - occasionally the weather/pitch conditions or bookings dictate a last minute change of plan.


Q: What Junior Triathlon EVENTS are there and at what age can kids take part?

A: Junior Events that are sanctioned by British Triathlon follow age groups based solely on year of birth, so for the 2017 season:

  • Tristarts 8 years old (born in 2009)

  • Tristar1 9/10 years old (born in 2007 / 2008)

  • Tristar2 11/12 years old (born in 2005 / 2006)

  • Tristar3 13/14 years old (born in 2003 / 2004)

  • Youth 15/16 years old (born in 2001 / 2002) (British Tri Cat A)

  • Junior 17-19 years old (born in 19978- 2000) (British Tri Cat B+C) A child will stay in that age group for the WHOLE YEAR. So, for example, if your child was born on ANY date in 2003, they will stay in Tristar3 for all events in 2017. British Triathlon sanction a large number of race events for Juniors, the best way to find one is via their website: https://

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