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Westfield Aquathlon Series

At the start of each year we run a series of Aquathlon events based at Westfield Swimming Pool in Beighton, there are events for both Adults and Juniors.

The Adults race is a 400m swim followed immediately by a 6km run to Rother Valley Park, around the big lake, and back again.

The Junior race distances are based on age, with the running portion remaining safely within the school grounds.

2024 Dates and Results

Normally we would run 4 events, one each month, but due to some teething issues with the change to a new management company, this year we are only running 2 events.

Race 1 - March 3rd @ 12 noon


Race 2 - April 14th @ 12 noon - CANCELLED
Due to maintainence work at the pool, this event has had to be cancelled.

Adults Race Details

The race begins once the Junior races have been completed.

Starting waves will be allocated based on predicted 400m swim times, which will be collected during registration. We will be aiming to keep lane traffic low, dependent on how many entries we receive.

Each competitor will need to complete 16 25m lengths, for a total of 400m in the swim. You will be required to count your own laps.

Once the swim is complete, you'll don your shoes and any additional layers if you feel you need them - these will have been left at the poolside before the start. You'll exit the pool via the fire exit and proceed onto the run route.

The run route contains a few road crossings, some of which will be marshalled, but is mostly off-road. See the video on the right, or this strava segment for more details.


Junior Race Details

The Junior distances are based on age group, which depends on age at the end of the year. See the table below for details.

After completing the appropriate number of lengths, competitors will get their shoes on and head out the fire exit, taking an immediate sharp left turn to proceed to the Rugby pitch at the rear of the school - where they'll complete the appropriate number of laps.

westfield junior run route
400m - 16 laps
6km - Rother Valley
15 or 16
400m - 16 laps
6km - Rother Valley
Tristar 3
13 or 14
400m - 16 laps
3000m - 6 laps
Tristar 2
11 or 12
250m - 10 laps
2000m - 4 laps
Tristar 1
9 or 10
150m - 6 laps
1500m - 3 laps
50m - 2 laps
600m - 1 lap
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